12 Things YOU SHOULD SAY to your children EVERY DAY!


“I love you”

Say it to them as often as you can. 

“You are special”

Let them know their
uniqueness is a strength.

“You make me happy”

This makes them feel valuable.

“I know you can do this”

Encourage them to never
give up.

“I believe in you…”

Show them that they are worthy and that you believe
in their abilities.

“I’m proud of you”

They need to hear that they are
doing a good job, no matter how difficult it is.

“I’m grateful for you”

Be specific. This makes them feel secure.

“I trust you”

Building a foundation of
trust raises an honest person.

“I like it when you…”

Talk about positive aspects
of their behaviour.

“Well done. You did such a good job!”

Praise how they do their
tasks and chores.

“Tell me, about your day”

Listen to their stories with
interest and compassion!

“Thank you for being so helpful”

Noticing their efforts encourages them to do more and makes them feel valued..

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