Beautiful Easter Baskets…

The easter egg hunt is an old tradition and always fun for the kids. Collecting them in their own hand made baskets is the cherry on the top! Here are some creative ideas for making the sweetest little baskets with your little ones – inexpensive, crafty and most of them are easy enough for them to make themselves.

Cereal box basket

A couple of old cereal boxes or some coloured card, paint, and a bit of imagination and your kids can make these cute bunny baskets. Cut out eyes and ears, and draw
a face on the box. Cut out a long strip of card for the handle and glue it inside the top of the box.

Milk bottle basket

Recycling is great fun when crafting. This cute basket can be made by using a 2 litre plastic milk bottle. Wash it out
thoroughly and cut it in half, cutting out the ears as well (you could always just add the ears on later if it is too difficult for the littles ones to cut). 

Use paint or koki for the face and the pink of the ears. Make a strong handle out of the left over plastic from the bottle or you could use cardboard. Glue it into place on the sides of the basket and wait for it to dry.

Paper bag flower basket

Paper bags make organic, natural and  eco-friendly Easter baskets, especially if you don’t have all the craft materials
on hand. All you need are the paper bags and glue. The rest is up to the kids to hunt for pretty leaves, sticks, seed
pods and flowers to stick onto the bags and make bunny faces as shown on the left. But best you keep an eye on
what they are picking from your garden!

Crochet basket

If you are even a complete novice at crocheting, you can
make these cute little baskets with your left over yarn
or wool, and in a variety of sizes.

Here’s also a good opportunity to teach the older kids to
crochet or, if you really don’t have the time or the patience, get Granny involved!

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