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Plant a Potted Herb Garden

It is so convenient and rewarding to be able to just step out your door and pick a handful of fresh herbs from a beautiful container or pot garden. Containers and pots are also more convenient as they are easier to work with, keep weeds out and make it simpler to control the amount of water and light they receive.

~ You can grow almost any herb in a container, but take a little time to find out what their light and water requirements are or you will end up wasting your time and money. As long as you get the conditions right, you should have thriving plants and fresh herbs at your fingertips ~

~ Parsley

Parsley is very easy to grow. You can buy seedlings from any of our local nurseries. There are two types of a prsley: Italian, also called flat parsley, and curly parsley, which is more common. Parsley prefers full sun but can grow in partial shade and is very hardy. To harvest, just snip off at the base of a stem. As with most herbs, the more you harvest, the more you’ll get. Parsley is biennial, which means that it can come back for two years.

~ Mint

Mint makes a perfect container herb. Some mints spread fast so keeping them in a container is the only way to prevent them from taking over your garden. Mint likes full sun, but most will tolerate some shade. Some, like spearmint, can be very tall and leggy and some are low spreaders. Mint will thrive and get bushyif you keep it pinched back and it also roots easily from

~ Oregano

Oregano is lovely in container gardens. Its leaves are beautiful and it is a plant that thrives on neglect. Oregano loves sun, and not too much water or fertilizer. Pinch back regularly to keep the plant compact and to keep it from blooming. Oregano is a perennial. Use it in mixed containers as it spreads nicely and goes with almost any other plant.

~ Basil

Basil can be a bit ‘iffy’. It is easy to start from seed, but is fussy about temperature. Basil also doesn’t like to be crowded and needs plenty of air circulation to be happy, so give each plant plenty of space. Basil also does not enjoy its leaves staying wet, so water carefully. Try to let the soil dry out a bit between watering, but not to the point where the plant wilts. When your plants are about six inches tall, pinch them back so they will grow full and bushy. Don’t let basil flower, because it will eventually get bitter, so keep using it or pinching it back.

~ Rocket

Rocket grows quickly and easily and it’s spicy, nutty, peppery flavour is delicious in a salad. Rocket prefers full sun or semi-shade in well-drained soil. It is easily grown from seed in moist soil. Keep the soil slightly moist throughout the growing period or else the plant will bolt too quickly. Nip out flower and seed buds to keep the plant going for longer, as once it bolts the flavour of the leaves becomes much more pungent.

~ Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most interesting and stunning herbs to grow in a pot. It’s incredibly fragrant and has beautiful, dark green, spiky leaves. Rosemary needs full sun and well-draining soil. Let it dry out a bit between watering, but don’t let it dry out completely. If you live in the Lowveld chances are good you can grow rosemary outside year-round.

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