Let the hunt begin!

In celebration of Father’s day

So your husband loves hunting and you don’t like game meat? Let’s talk about it!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about game and some answers that will put the misconceptions to rest.

Q: So what is the big deal, why should I start eating game?    

A: It is:
• Organic and free range
• Hormone free
• Cheaper than other meat

Q: But I just don’t like the taste of game, it is so ‘wild’!    

A: If a carcass is treated correctly from the start, it will not have that ‘wild’
Here’s how:
– Cut the throat immediately. Hang or lift the tail 500mm off the ground.
– Eviscerate within 20 minutes. Hang carcass, skin on, in a cold room within an hour.
– Deliver carcass, skin on, to Rhino Hill Game Processors.

Q: Why should the skin be left on?  

A: The skin serves as an insulator while driving the animal back home. It is also more hygienic.
(Take note: normal butchers are not permitted to receive carcasses with
skin on).

Q: What other products can we make apart from biltong and dry wors?    

– Dry products: Spicy or chutney bites / cabanossi.
– ‘On-the-go’ products: Sosaties, Hamburger patties, stirfry, goulash, potjie/stew, mince, meat balls.
– Game wors: Cheese, plain or smoked.
– Babalaaswors.
– Cocktail Sausages.
– Sosatie, Pepper, Peach & Chutney, Feta & Jalapeno wors.
– Bush pig / Warthog: Salami, cabanossi, Russians and cold meats.

“Let your husband’s passion and sport fill the freezer this winter”

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