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An influencer is someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave

– this we know!

Most of us probably follow many influencers on social media. We find ourselves checking in daily for their update on the latest recipe or simply succumb to gawking over the reality of some really verbal mommy, who flutters down the sidewalks of Cape Town with her baby every day. Soon the
fascinating intricacies of her offspring’s development will influence you to make a purchase of some sort, in an effort to experience something of the lifestyle she portrays. She has influence, because she has followers. She has influence because her followers are impressed by her and therefore, they are impressionable.

I recently attended a talk addressed to moms by an older mom, her name is Avvy Pratt. She was the one who shed light for me on the concept that as moms we are influencers. We influence our children, our environment and our spheres. Everyone emits something, we can either be a positive or a negative influence in our spheres.

Baby’s first words
was having lunch with a friend the other day and we were celebrating because her baby, Alex, is saying his first word… so cute! What is it, you may be asking, probably already assuming it is ‘mamma’ or ‘dadda’, or perhaps even ‘no’. But Alex’s first word, so beautifully articulated, is ‘OUT!’. I’ll bet his first phrase will be “Out, Juno, out!”. There are many words said to Alex every day, including ‘mamma’ and ‘dadda’ but why he chose to say ‘out’ first is a mystery. It does remind you, though, that these children are aware of every word said by mom
and even those unsaid.

Our children are our first followers
They are so highly impressionable it should bring us an element of fear; sobering fear. Avvy spoke of kings in history who were really bad kings. Most of them were influenced by bad mothers. She quoted a profound saying, “The culture is drunk in at the mother’s breast”. You cut me deep, Avvy!


After attending the talk by Avvy, I had to do some assessing of my influence as mom. The first sobering thought for me was that I have followers – the most precious and most important followers in the world – and my followers are impressed by me! This means that before I say a word, I make an impression on them every day.

An influence wherever I go
The third imperative I was compelled to address was that I am not just an influence in my home, but in every sphere I find myself. Though many may not find me impressive I am leaving an impression. What impression am I leaving? Does my influence have the floral, joyful notes of an expensive and much desired perfume? Does my fragrance last? Or am I so influenced by those around me, even by my kids, that my influence is negligible?

An influencer worth following
I’d like to leave the same impression on others that I would want them to leave on me. This often takes me back to the drawing board, as it should! Nobody is naturally a breath of fresh air nd an excellent example to follow. I have settled that it will take self-discipline, humility and a love for those around me to be a better me – to leave a lasting impression and to be an influencer worth following.

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