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It doesn’t necessarily need to be a conference. Whatever the occasion, it’s a brief period of time away from the family and “mommy duties” – Tsk Tsk I hear you sigh to yourself; why would I need time away from the kids (and hubby)? Well, dear reader my question to you is: “Why not?”

Because of COVID we hadn’t had a conference in a while, so when murmurs started looming of a conference – my colleagues and I were hesitant, and not that keen; that is until we thought back on conferences past! Not having to make dinner or school lunches in the morning or having to clean up after making dinner/breakfast/lunch whatever meal you are making! Instead,
ta da …….. YOU dear reader will be served – yip – the tables have turned! You don’t have to think about what to cook – you will be sitting down to be served! Another thing! You won’t have to lay the table, you can arrive at the already set table, fresh as a daisy! Heck – you could even have a glass of wine – uninterrupted!

Do you also have a glass of wine while stirring the gravy, listening to the little one read, as the older ones bicker in the background all whilst hubby sits and watches a replay – yip a replay of last Saturday’s rugby game, in case, just perhaps the score will change from the final score last Saturday? And on that note, imagine YOU holding the TV remote, Netflix and chill? The bed is all yours! 

You can stretch out, lie in the middle, wrap the blankets around you without having to cling to them for dear life, worrying they will be snatched away from you. No one encroaching on your side of the bed! At least 6 hours peaceful sleep. No one hollering your name in the dark of the night.

So, getting back to a glass of wine.
On conference I keep to a glass minimum if any at all!!! I get very emotive, hugging every half a minute, repeating stories – so best we keep this to a minimum at a conference. Mind you, it reminds me of this one we recently were on. I have been suffering from an extremely sore neck (degeneration of the neck bone!) and as winter settles in it’s a tad more painful – so there I was sitting, being the brave warrior as we partook in an evening of Sip and Paint – halfway through I figured to the angel sitting on my right shoulder ….. perhaps
that’s exactly the “tonic” I need to loosen this old neck of mine?

So, the funniest was – up till then I was extremely quiet, I suppose you could even say reserved. My neck was sore, and it was the first day of conference, we arrived from the airport and headed straight for the conference room. It is a very busy time – lots to discuss, learn and share so I do believe after waking pretty early, to catch the first flight to arrive at conference timeously, we are all pretty tired that first night. Me included, that was until I took a trillion sips of my wine – didn’t the chitty chatty, hugging and repeating version of dearest me enter the room! Not to mention Michelangelo that completed my water
colour painting I was working on – a forest of trees.

Another interesting point – why is it we find it necessary to eat a truly huge breakfast when away? My daily routine at home is a coffee, THAT’S IT! Nothing till dinner. On conference 10 am I am salivating for the cream cakes, muffins, croissants and such – why? Then comes lunchtime – a meal that would suffice for a dinner – and we scoff it down! And then it’s another teatime and wait, it’s not finished – a huge dinner followed by dessert.

So, after all the totally unnecessary eating I have done, how amazing, truly amazing is it, waking in your king size “died and gone to heaven” bed. What is it about the beds in hotels? Their linen, duvets, blankets and pillows! Add to that – the mattress! Oh, my giddy aunt where are they made? My guess is La La Land heaven. And then waking and having the bathroom to yourself, not having to be last in the line and endure another cold shower! Bliss – pure
bliss and add to that – taking as long as you like in that bathroom.

So, let’s step back – when you receive the mail or phone call inviting you to a conference/girls weekend away. Not too sure how you react, but dearest reader I will always, yip always downplay it. And who taught me this? My dearest, darling husband. Throughout the years whenever he has had a business trip (90% of the time they’re international trips!) I know right! He broaches the subject but always with plenty sighs interspersed inbetween the news. “Ah babe (first sigh!) Today I was informed (second sigh) I have to go on a business trip (sigh!sigh!sigh!) and then wait for it ….here comes the best part:“it really is the last thing I feel like right now!” So when its my turn, guess who follows his lead? When in fact I am quietly visualizing me flick-flacking across the runway to the plane!

In the early days, I do need to confess, I found it quite daunting having to travel alone. I know – even checking in for my flight I would break into a sweat (and I wasn’t anywhere near Menopause then!) Mind you, these days what with our cellular devices its so easy to do all that – and don’t the airlines spoon feed you – so all is good there. But how wonderful is it to just be worried about YOU! No additional baggage to worry about. Not having to constantly check if Chloe or Jack still have their comfy blankie or have forgotten Thumper on the bench at the boarding gates. Nope just gather my goods and off I hop, skip and jump to boarding. Bliss!

There is nothing better than ME time.
Chicken soup for our souls no matter the occasion! However, as you walk through that door (in fact it probably subconsciously enters your mind as you step on the plane, or as you and your girlfriends head home) “What will I make for dinner tonight? I wonder if Chloe’s blankie needs a wash?

Absolutely there is no place like home.
And after being away there is no better feeling than walking through the front door, hearing those happy voices welcoming you home and those gorgeous smiles as they wrap their arms around you. 

So next time you asked to join the girls, or conference comes a-knocking – embrace it dear reader – wallow in the ME time!

Stay well, warm and remember be kind you yourself, ALWAYS.
Love Liz.

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