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Isn’t it just the greatest feeling, when you are pregnant, to finally be able to put on that first pair of maternity pants. There’s a little tummy showing and your face literally glows! Are there any moms out there, like me, who have tried to wear the clothes that make you look more pregnant than you are? So much pride in that tum!

On my first walk I had no idea how much effort it would take and I was oblivious to the shock it would be to my body.

~ Needless to say, my second walk was a disaster.

I gave up before I reached the top – realising what it would take to get up there. Only after this I read that, “The worst thing a woman can do is try too hard to do too much too soon – if you do, you’re likely to find yourself exhausted and discouraged and less likely to continue, and you’ll wind up carrying that baby weight a lot longer,” and so my story began to unfold. I knew that this was the defining moment – that moment when I would have to apply mind over body to the point of endurance!

So I mustered up my courage to walk that hill again, resolved to apply a steady and slow pace, and made it to the top a second and third, fourth, fifth time, and felt more amazing each time. 

~ I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment.

My body felt exercised and I was enjoying the endorphins it released in the

My walk has since turned into a run and I am navigating new routes. I love my
time of walking or running – to think and breathe and just be. My kids come along from time to time, in fact running or walking with a stroller is highly recommended as a good workout for new moms.

From one mom to another, I’d like to share my challenge to push through with your ‘get your body back’ mission. There are valuable life lessons that happen in the process, and these will stand you in good stead. I’d like to encourage you, mommy. 

You are a hero for coming this far! For giving your life and your body for these precious children. For not giving up. Perhaps its time to give back to yourself.

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