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During the Christmas holiday season there are a number of opportunities to give to the community and to those in need. This is a great time of year to teach children about the importance of giving back, which is a value they will have throughout their lives. We have put together some ways of introducing the concept to them.

Teach gratitude
First of all, set an example of gratitude as part of your daily routine. Show appreciation for everyday things like food, home, car, toys or good health. Explain that not all people in the world have these things and point out how fortunate your family is. Raising a child who is kind and thoughtful and willing to give back to others is a wonderful way to give back to the community.

Talk about it
Talk to your child about giving back. When you make a donation or volunteer, explain to your child what you are doing and who it helps. The more you talk about giving back, the more your child will understand.

A random act of kindness for a neighbour
Volunteering your time and energy can help strengthen your neighbourhood with simple gestures of kindness. Lending a helping hand to a neighbour who is juggling handfuls of groceries to moving a piece of furniture is a generous act that leaves a lasting impression.

Choose age appropriate activities
Remember to tailor activities based on your child’s age and interests,
and be patient as they grow to understand the importance of giving
back. Learning by example is the best way to learn. 

Help your children to donate to the charity of their choice. There are so
many NGO’s who do amazing work in the Lowveld. From feeding schemes to soccer and bike clubs for disadvantaged communities. Sinani is a registered, non-profit organisation which supports local community initiatives to feed and care for orphans, vulnerable children and widows. You can contact

Take part as a family
Participate as a family in charity walks, fund-raisers, cycle races or cancer awareness for example. It’s also a good way to spend time together.

Clean out the cupboards

Go through your child’s cupboards for items that another child might be able to use. Let your child choose toys and books that they’ve outgrown that another kid can still enjoy. Keep a ‘donation box’ and encourage the family to add to it regularly.

Help animals in need

We all have old towels and blankets packed away somewhere. Dig them out and take the kids to deliver them to your local SPCA, along with any extra pet food. Spending time helping at an animal shelter is also good for the kids.

Take care of the planet

From picking up litter to starting a compost bin and planting vegetables, every little bit helps towards saving the environment. Encourage children to recycle, repurpose and upcycle. It’s up to each and every one of us to make a bigger and more noticeable difference, and to teach our children to do likewise.

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