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So, I had a situation a few days back. I was in the supermarket and I wanted to buy a slab of Cadbury (nope – for me dear reader, for me). The first sign from the Universe was I couldn’t reach it – too bloomin short. I tried my tippy toes; yip, I was adamant about getting this slab – no luck! But it was in that moment, as I pondered what my next move would be, that I spotted a really tall guy walking past! “Sorry”, I said, “can I ask you a favour?”, and so I acquired my chocolate!

BUT that is not where it ended dear reader – he, as quick as a flash replied “can I ask you a favour?” to which I obviously replied “sure”, after all he had just rescued me from not being able to have a sugar rush! He wanted a loaf of bread, eggs (nope, not 6 – but 48!) and a 6 pack of long-life milk. I was a bit irritated; I would be lying to say I wasn’t. I had created the awkward situation! So, I said “ok, well go get the bread and I will meet you at the eggs.” It was at this point a supermarket employee walking past told me that I was being conned. “He will go and sell these groceries at the bus stop”.

Well, when ‘tall guy’ returned, I blurted out “are you going to sell all these at the bus stop?” His reply and expression told me he was! So, I didn’t buy the eggs and milk, but since I had already got the bread, I figured I would pay for that, but I sure won’t be taken again. Years ago, there was a young (rough looking) man who walked around the supermarket and used to say he wasn’t looking for money, he had a baby at home and needed formula and nappies. Well of course, as a mom, you don’t hesitate to help him. Gary had seen him a couple of times before, so we decided to follow him. Sure, as nuts he took the goodies and headed for the bus stop, and yip, he sold them!



Reminds me of a situation when we still lived in Durban. I went to fetch the kids from school and walking forlornly along the pavement was a little kid crying. He was in a school uniform. Being a mom, you ask if he is lost; what can you do to help? Your heart breaking. He told me he had lost his bus fare so of course I gave him the bus fare. A few weeks later I was at work and a colleague came back from fetching her kids. She was distraught. She told us about the kid who was crying, and he had lost his bus fare. Yip – con artist of note – the thing about this is that it puts one in an awkward situation; you stop trusting, stop giving, and when that person that really lost their bus fare comes and asks, you like “yeah right! not on your Nelly….”!


My worst – I have mentioned this in a previous blog. When someone calls me by the incorrect name! Popular ones are Sue or Linda. I feel too awkward to say – ‘its Liz’– so for the rest of time, to that person I am Sue/Linda. What is awkward is when you’re with another person and you see that person who is having a long chitty chat catch up with Sue/Linda and you can see the person with you is thinking “Who am I really with?” I recall Chad (my son) and I were getting him a Peanut bomb from Kauai, when a lady (complete stranger) walked in and was delighted, beyonddelighted to see me. She asked, “how are the girls, how is so and so and when last did you see that one” and, on and on she went. When she finally left (it literally was about fifteen minutes) Chad asked who she was – I replied I have no idea my love!

He was horrified – “Mom why didn’t you just tell her you got the wrong person?” I felt too …. yip you guessed ….awkward! Another awkward situation; when the Uber driver picks you up, me being typicall me, I cannot just shut up, I need to chat. So I am asking what he does – like it’s not obvious, he is an Uber driver! How does his
wife feel about him being an Uber driver? That’s when he says ”I am not married” ….argh! Or worse – your car goes in for a service, they give you a lift home – in your own car NOGAL ….and they DRIVE !!!!! What’s with that?? Very awkward.


Be honest now, how many times – or is it just me – you are walking in the mall and there is a cardboard cutout, and you know you know them! You definitely know that
person (they’re usually a sports personality advertising some energy boost or some such, so of course you know them!) You approach them, smiling and ready for a catch up, when you realise, if you’re lucky, that it’s actually a cardboard cutout! I recall my sister – we were both teens
and in the CNA. Some woman was reading a magazine (gosh remember how loads of peeps used to do that) and she asked me “isn’t that Terri?” – okay so we could only see the back of “Terri” – “yip” it is I replied confidently.
“You’re sure”, she checked – “yip” I replied – so she went up behind this woman and in a gruff voice said, “and what are you doing here?” Well, as you have no doubt realised, it wasn’t Terri. Oh, my word I could hardly breathe I
laughed so much!

It’s just as bad when you wave at someone and it’s the wrong person. Now,  do you know how many times I have found myself in that predicament. And don’t I always pretend; no not you …. the person behind you – umm not!!!



Last week Gary and I were at a really super cool, newly discovered coffee shop. I bumped into an old friend, there with
her hubby; I said hello to her, we chatted, chatted and then chatted some more, when out of the blue she asked us to join
them. Without batting an eye, I answered “No thanks, we good” to which she replied quite indignantly, “so, I haven’t seen you in years; we have so much to catch up on and you don’t want to sit with us?” – yip you guessed, awkward!

What about when you “butt dial” someone by mistake and that person rings you back sooooo enthusiastically for a catch-up
chat and you really can’t remember who they are and would probably never have given them a call in the first place.
How about when you are best friends with your little one’s bestie’s mom. The little ones have a tiff, you and his mama bear
have a war. The kids make friends within seconds, and you two have really lain your cards on the table. Yip! Awkwardness

And saving the best for last ….. last weekend we were in the Kruger. Now we all have seen the ‘SILENT’ signs that are everywhere when you approach a bird hide! So, we were in Gardenia Hide and there was another group as well as Gary and myself. Gary is quietly whispering the sound (call) a particular bird is making and the lady in the other party quietly whispers back what she thinks it is. Next, we hear a single sharp clear ‘ping’ – everyone looked at one another – puzzlement clear on their faces – dare they even voice their thoughts – what could that have been? Every single bird in the vicinity took off at a great speed. I had to hesitantly admit
“sorry guys it’s me – I just got a Whatsapp!” Awkward!

Take care. ALWAYS be kind to yourself. Stay well and cool. Mwah mwah. Love Liz

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