Winter colour for your pots and garden! 

Your garden does not need to look dry and brown in the Lowveld. There are so many indigenous flowers and bulbs which honour our African heritage with swathes of colour in our winter climate. There are also beautiful exotic flowers which simply adore our warm, dry winters. These are suitable for pots or bedding plants in the garden.

Exotic potted colour

These exotic flowers are available from your nearest nursery and will do well in hanging pots, standing pots and en masse in the garden. 


Indigenous flowers

Of course it is always best for the environment to plant indigenous flowers. Here are some that you can grow by seed – there is still time to sow seed in May – or buy seedlings at the nursery. Butterflies love these guys!


Colourful indigenous bulbs

There are beautiful indigenous bulbs that compete well with the exotic Ranunculus, Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinths. The following are indigenous bulbs that are really something special
and worth buying – don’t forget the bulb food.


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