Winter woes when Summer goes…

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I spent many a hot steamy, dripping in sweat, long (too long!) hazy, lazy summer day dreaming of winter. And now that winter is here, I am afraid to admit I am not so sure I am happily enjoying it. Are we ever happy? Well, me especially! And yip, its only June – but sjoe it’s already a nippy winter, don’t you agree?

None of us enjoy getting out of our comfy warm bed in the dead of night to attend to our little ones who are in distress, hungry or have simply misplaced their dummy. But as a mom would we have it any other way – hmmm, or would we? Maybe Alexa or Siri could step in here? I don’t think we’re that advanced as yet are we? However, imagine what a wonderful world this would be if there could be a few adjustments to getting up in the nippy, dark winter nights, whilst hubby is snug as a bug on his side of the bed.

My word, I recall as clear as day (well actually night) sitting in the rocker as I breastfed both our boys. That initial moment when you hear them stirring and you know any minute that little groggy muffle is going to turn into a booming cry. And in the winter – yikes! The best idea perhaps would be as soon as you hear that little muffle, put on your big mama panties, slip out of your comfort zone, put on those furry, fluffy slippers and gown and go attend to your little one.

One wonderful thing I do love about winter

All the socks – the fluffy, big ones I am talking about, that have those little paddy things on the underfoot, so you don’t slip. Bummer here is when there is water or some such on the floor and you step in it – yip you know what I am talking about…. wet socks…. argh!

I went for a pedi this morning. Yip with my beloved beauty therapist who books her own therapy session when she knows the “landmine lady” is on her way! (MOMSNOTES May/June 2022). We have decided, next month we will leave the feet (sure she is breathing a silent breath of thanks and relief!) and rather do a facial as, since its winter I don’t know about you ladies, but me and drinking water. Well, it isn’t happening as regularly as it should! I know it’s a mindset, but in that hot, suffocating heat of summer all I really want is to drink water.

Cooling, refreshing ice cold water with a dash of lemon, maybe some cucumber, heck even a rose petal to entice me to drink more! BUT now in winter I am not that keen! That cold, harsh, icy looking water that trickles down your throat and chills the body! Nope not too keen at all. And due to not consuming my usual amount of water my face is dehydrated (I am quite sure this cold dry weather isn’t helping) so there you go – another reason for me to drink that cold water.

Frizzo-whizzo feet

Anyhow I digressed, as I was saying, I was at the therapist, and she brought out the sander and the toe tools and did the necessary, so my feet look as pretty as a picture again. BUT I forgot – the nail polish needs to dry and in winter even the nail polish doth protest and takes longer to dry! The BT took one look at the closed shoes I arrived in and said – those are not going to suffice – you will need to go barefoot
– so indeed I did. My little feet frizzo-whizzo but looking pretty!

Sitting on the loo – how cold is that seat! Especially when you’re all warm with your winter woolies, your long coat and
scarf and then having to remove all that – well not necessarily remove it but adjust it to sit on the loo for a brief cool second.

The other day I could see my hair was in serious need of a wash, but I truly thought no way, not in these current conditions.

To walk from the shower to the dresser after quickly towel drying my hair, combing it through and then blow-drying
it – I seriously pondered as to whether perhaps it was indeed time for a “treat”, other than my pedi of course, and phoning my hairdresser to see if she could fit me in for a quick wash and blow. It seriously, seriously took a lot, I mean a huge amount of talking – negotiating with myself to rather put on the heater, plug in the hairdryer and then worst of all, very worst of all! Strip and shower! But I did it!

The early morning freeze and midday sizzle

Talking about dressing up for winter though – how many times has this happened to you…. you leave early, early in the morning so it’s the whole shebang – you’re toasty – you in your car doing your rounds and it gets to twelve noon!

That thermal underwear together with the big trench coat and thick winter trousers – not such a brilliant idea anymore! Not to mention the bladdy woolie polo neck you thought complimented your outfit so perfectly in that early morning freeze you were trying to placate! What about when you are done for the day – the kiddies are fast asleep and – nope, I was not going to say “pour a glass of wine” as one would in summer (reason for me being that I don’t drink red wine only white wine and always, rule number one – ALWAYS with a block of ice, so, no I wasn’t going to suggest a glass of wine,) you make yourself comfy on the couch for a bit of Netflix and chill (being the operative word!). 

So, I have my Cape Union slippers on, my gown, ‘pajammies’ the whole shebang – add to that my blanket and beanie (no wonder I must wash my hair that often!). So I am all toasty in front of the TV and what happens, invariably I fall asleep! Then, then, then, it is the horror of being snug as a bug in my warm cocoon and I have to get up and amble off to my bed – but the issue here is I fell asleep and didn’t put my electric blanket on – and my bed was like a slab of ice!

Mind you, there are one or two good things about winter

Ah! Two defines – no flies! No mosquitoes! But another ‘downer’ of winter is
defrosting meat.

I have never been one to defrost frozen meat etc. in the micro. Why, I hear you ask? I don’t know, I just prefer letting it defrost overnight. As I was typing about defrosting, I was thinking – another issue with winter! Drying the laundry on the good ol’ windy drier! Ours is erected in the garden (like everyone else’s, I guess, but the sun doesn’t hang about as long (or as vehemently) as it does in summer! Now here is a handy hint (obviously there is always the tumble drier as an option unless there is loadshedding – hmmmm that can be a problem.)

So I set up the foldable drier and place it on the driveway …. and Bob’s
your uncle – my washing dries every time (sound like the Omo ad there don’t I?). My poor goldfish are currently using a GPS to swim around their tank. I am always, always very pedantic about their tank in the summer, but in winter the thought of changing the water, cleaning the tank ….. and my poor hands! Bear in mindthat the whole exercise is all about cold water only!!!!

More winter woes

Suddenly out of nowhere, one minute you are great and the next ‘that’ itchy,
scratchy throat, the tweak in your nose and you just generally don’t feel so
great – that ‘F’ word. Yip the Flu! Ah, for me there is nothing worse! It just drags on and on, from that silly tweak in your nose to full blown sore throat, headache, runny nose, fever …. my worst! And that I reckon sums up my winter woes. May I wish you all a fantastical, relaxed mid-year break. I hope the exams went well and the family have a relaxing break, be it away or right in your comfy WARM home.

Stay well, warm, and always be kind to yourself. Till next issue take care.

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